Student Testimonials

When I looked for a guitar teacher, I wanted someone who understood the music of the time I grew up, the 60’s through 80’s. Eric not only knows that music, but has been a superb teacher of style, method, and practice across those and many more years, engaging me not only in my tastes, but those from which they grew and developed. As I have listened outside the door of his studio these 8+ years we’ve been working together, I can also appreciate the breadth of styles he can teach. In fact, my son has also taken lessons from him, and learns just as much as I do. Eric is patient, knowledgeable, and just a great guy. I can’t imagine a better teacher.
— Dale H.
Eric, I have been playing guitar for a while now (14 years—that’s half my life) and have always felt like I stopped making progress a long time ago. This YouTube lesson has completely opened up my playing. The way you communicate notes relative to chord shapes and positions is wonderful. I was stuck playing up and down minor blues scales, trying to solo over blues progressions, and it always sounded bland. With 30 minutes of following through a couple of your videos, I feel like I can play the way I always dreamed of playing. Please, please, please keep posting these wonderful lessons.
— Sebastian B.
Eric, I know you get plenty of comments like this one but I just wanted to say thanks for what you do. Your videos and teaching methods are like no other guitar channel I’ve found on YouTube, and after only watching a few videos, I’ve learned so much about musical theory and the technicalities of guitar playing in general. Please keep doing what you do—your videos help and inspire me and plenty of others. Thanks again for everything.
— YouTube comment, August 11, 2017