Eric’s Patreon Page


We’re trying something new! For over two years now, we've been able to keep Eric’s popular YouTube channel free of commercials by selling PDF transcriptions in our Tablature Store. As the channel has improved, however, it's just a reality that it takes more of his time. We are proud to now have multiple cameras, crisper lenses, fatter sound, and fancier tabs with standard notation—and a really nice wife to handle all the website admin. It's a mutually beneficial and growing thing--the channel is Eric’s favorite part of his job, and he hopes to use Patreon to further supplement his income, giving him more flexibility to keep creating great original content.

The idea is simple. Subscribe for as little as $1 or $2/month. Whatever you want—we sincerely appreciate it all. At the $5 level, you’ll start to see some rewards, from tablature to free EPs to t-shirts. The thing we are most excited to try is a monthly VIP livestream, for Patreon supporters at the $8 level and up. With a smaller and more intimate audience than what we have on YouTube, Eric should be able to really address and explore all your questions. At the same time, he’ll keep cranking out the ad-free videos and complimentary backing tracks with many, many thanks to you all.

If want to help support the channel but don’t want to sign up for Patreon, we totally get that and appreciate that so much as well! Here’s a button for a one-time donation: