Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eric the right teacher for me?

Eric specializes in intermediate and advanced guitar students ages 12+. If you've plateaued, or if you play well but just don't understand the theory behind the fretboard, Eric can help you. His studio environment is relaxed, comfortable, and professional, and he's been de-mystifying guitar for people since 2002.

What will I learn?

Eric can empower you to play the way you want to play. Each student has come along a different path and has different goals, but Eric can identify the gaps in your knowledge--what you need, both in technique and in theory--to get to where you want to go.

Over the years, Eric has transcribed thousands of songs, written hundreds of arrangements, and devised lessons for every skill level. When you take lessons with him, you get access to the encyclopedic brain of a professional guitarist who will get down in the nitty gritty and talk tone, gear, nuance, and straight-up guitar philosophy.

For a completely free preview, Eric's YouTube channel is an incredible resource. He posts a new lesson each week to walk you through different techniques, theory, gear demos, and tone.

Where does Eric teach?

Eric teaches long-distance students all over the world via Google Hangouts. For more information, you can use our Scheduling Tool to book hour-long sessions a la carte.

For those local to the NC Triangle region, Eric teaches five days a week in his studio in downtown Carrboro. Creative Music Instruction is located at 116B West Main, adjacent to Twin House Music. There is parking right in front--you'll see a set of 4 steps with a black vinyl banner hanging beside. Just go up those steps, and once you're in the hallway, Eric's is Studio #1, the first door on the left.