Eric's Education

Eric spent his teen years studying with renowned shredder Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal. With him, he learned the basics: how to read music, chords, how to play the classics, and how to improvise. 

As his playing progressed, Eric switched teachers to focus intensely on scales and technique with expert jazz-fusion guitarist Bob Ferry. He spent every second of his free time perfecting his technique, and the accuracy and knowledge gained during that time serves him daily.  

After high school, Eric went on to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston and rounded out his style as a musician there. It was a truly excellent environment for growth, and Eric's varied musical curiosities were attended to with equal gusto: Intense Jazz Studies with Bob Schlink and John Thomas, Ethnomusicology and Songwriting with Jimmy Kachulis, Country Guitar with Mike Ihde, Fingerstyle Guitar with Lauren Passarelli. In 2002, he graduated with a  B.A. in Professional Music, focusing on Songwriting and Orchestration. 

When Eric moved to North Carolina, he continued his studies working with Paul Gruen on early Jazz and Gypsy Swing music--a fascinating, unforgiving, quick-paced brand of jazz. He was also lucky enough to study with the late great Howard Morgen, focusing on advanced chord-based soloing. Most recently, he gleaned some pedal steel guitar pointers from Nashville session ace Allyn Love.

Most importantly, Eric knows that the mastery of the guitar is a life-long journey. He continually seeks out new techniques, theories, and songs to keep his playing and ultimately his students’ playing interesting.