Eric teaches in downtown Carrboro, NC. 

Whether you’re a beginner and just need some help getting started, or if you’re more advanced and have plateaued, Eric can help you. His studio environment is relaxed, comfortable, and professional.

Learn to play in the style you want!

Learn the songs you're interested in! Eric can transcribe almost any song and explain it for instant play-ability, no matter your skill level. If you're interested in songwriting and orchestration, he can explain how chords, lyrics, and melody work together to make a great song. And if you're looking for new inspiration, he transcribes new songs each week for a variety of levels.  

What are your specific goals?

For younger students, this means learning the fundamentals of music while Eric encourages creativity and plans lessons relevant to the kid world. In an afternoon session, they may learn how to read notes, play the theme from Star Wars, or write a song about “karate juice.” (Long story.)  

Older students work on more advanced techniques, chords, and improvisation.  

Eric believes knowing scales and theory is extremely helpful for those interested in becoming advanced guitarists. He has developed his own, no-nonsense approach to understanding musicality. Complex concepts are broken down into understandable kernels immediately applicable to the guitar.


One of the biggest strengths of Eric's studio environment is that you can be yourself! It's a safe place for asking questions, making mistakes, and learning what you like. You'll quickly realize Eric can teach cheesy 80's pop songs with the most sincere enthusiasm, and you'll get comfy asking anything you darn well please.